Students in the Engineering Design and Development course of the North Penn High School Engineering Academy have been performing both pure and applied nanotechnology and engineering research since 2005.

Below is a compilation of many of the experiments and research endeavors that have been performed by the students since 2005. 

Please check back soon for more information, updates, pictures and videos.

 Current Active Research (2017-2018):
  Advanced Prosthetics Research and Development Photo/E/ectrochromic Materials
  Solid State Photovoltaic Cells Phase Change Materials
  Artificial Nerve Development Piezoelectric Materials
  Virtual Reality in Education Multi-source Energy Harvesting
  Self-Healing Materials  
 Past Research Endeavors (2005-2017)

 Pure Research:
  Parametric Analysis: Electrospinning Collection Methodologies
    Distance   Standard approach: Aluminum foil over copper
    Voltage   Revolving wire
    Flow Rate   Rotating drum
    Polymer / Solvent Type   Wire mesh
        Aqueous bath
  Nanofiber Processes  
    Electrospinning   Multiple-jet
    Core-Sheath   Wet Spinning
    Melt Spinning   Bubblespinning
 Applied Research:
  Healthcare Energy
    Silver embedded antibacterial nanofibers   Piezoelectric nanofibers
    Organic antibacterial nanofabrics using Neem leaves   Thermoelectric nanofibers
    Bioreactive wound dressing (H2O2)   Core-Sheath magnetic nanofibers
    Passive thermoactive patch   Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC)
    Concussion / helmet padding research   Photoelectrochemical Cells (PEC)
    Bioabsorbable Polymers, Gels and Fabrics   Solar Fabrics
    Cellular Regeneration and Antibacterial Fabrics   Thermal Interface Materials (NanoTIMs)
    Concussion Prevention (Encapsulated STF materials)   Phase Change Polymers
        YBCO Superconductive Nanofibers
   Materials Research   Phase Change Core-Sheath Nanofibers
    Shape Memory Polymers   YBCO Superconductive Nanofibers
        Energy Harvesting Roof Shingles
        Battery Separators
        Wireless Energy Transfer
      Magnesium Air Fuel Cells
   Education Research    
    Virtual Reality in Education    
    Air Filtration   EPICS / NASA: Superhydrophobic Nanofibers
    Water filtration   EPICS / NASA: Portable Electrospinning
    Nanoscale sound detection    
    Sound Proofing    
 Future Research Endeavors:
   Healthcare  Processing
    Single and Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube nanofibers   Wet Spinning Apparatus Development


Nanotechnology and Engineering Research Laboratory

  • 3 Electrospinning Apparatuses
    • NewEra NE-1000 Syringe Pump (Programmable)
    • NewEra NE-300 Syringe Pump
    • Gamma High Voltage Research ES-30 Power Supply
  • Fume Hood (coming soon)
  • Signatone Four Point Probe
  • Keithley Source Meter
  • Interdigitated Microsensor Electrodes
  • Scilogex MS-X Vortex Mixer
  • Centrifuge
  • Ubbelohde Kinematic Viscometers
  • LabVolt Power Supplies and Meters
  • National Instruments myDAQ system
  • Digital Oscilloscopes
  • BlueTherm Duo Thermal Analyzers
  • Arduino Microcontrollers
  • Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Scanning Electron Microscope (Some Day!)
  • Tensile Testing (Some Day!)