Thermoelectric Cells:  Harvesting energy from heat!

North Penn High School Engineering Academy, Engineering Design and Development: The Future is N.E.A.R. (Nanotechnology Education and Research

Towamencin, Pennsylvania—March 22, 2016 Engineering academy students on the ThermoTech research team, Bailey Harp, Nate McWilliams and Abdullah Nahean have just completed their first thermoelectric cell!

The next step in their process to to complete the design of their testing apparatus and evaluate the electric performance utilizing the lab's Keithley 2450 source meter .

Stay tuned… much more exciting research is coming!

If you are interested in learning more about their research, the Engineering Academy or the Technology and Engineering Education Department, please visit their websites: or

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Laser cut masks.
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Applying the PEDOT:PSS.
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Annealing the PEDOT:PSS.
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Annealed PEDOT:PSS.
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Applying the silver electrodes.
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Curing the silver electrodes.
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First completed thermoelectric cell!


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North Penn High School Engineering Academy
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