Core-Sheath Electrospinning:  A Better Bandage!

North Penn High School Engineering Academy, Engineering Design and Development: The Future is N.E.A.R. (Nanotechnology Education and Research)


Towamencin, Pennsylvania—March 10, 2016 Engineering academy students on the NanoMedical research team, Tom Gerhart and Brian Lawn, are on the quest to design a better bandage. 

What if a bandage could be antibacterial, release pain medication instantly to the wound upon contact and act as a scaffold to promote healthy cellular growth?  This is exactly what NanoMedical Solutions is developing in North Penn High School's Nanotechnology and Engineering Research Laboratory.

Currently, the team has successfully experimented with medicinal encapsulation and developing core-sheath nanofibers.  Their next endeavor includes the refinement of the core-sheath process to provide optimal results by characterizing their work with a TEM (Transmission Electron Microscope) at Drexel University and an SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) soon to be on loan from Angstrom Scientific and Hitachi in early April. Antibacterial testing will hopefully soon follow with help from the Biotechnology program at North Monto Technical and Career Center and cellular scaffold analysis will wrap up their research with final testing to be performed in early May and a final presentation of their work on June 1, 1016 at 7:00pm at North Penn High School.

Stay tuned… much more exciting research is coming!

If you are interested in learning more about their research, the Engineering Academy or the Technology and Engineering Education Department, please visit their websites: or

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2016: Core-Sheath electrospinning
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2016: Core-sheath electrospinning
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2016: Rame-Hart core-sheath apparatus
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2016: 1st results analyzed on our Zeiss microscope!


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