This year, there are 5 research teams in the Engineering Design and Development class of the North Penn High School engineering academy.  The main research endeavors that the students are involved with are listed below.  Many of the students within these teams will also be performing various extended and supplementary experiments.  A team research section will be added to the website soon to deomstrate various images and videos of the students' research.  Please check back soon!

  Bio-responsive Hydrogels
  Bio-absorbable Polymers


     Cameron Benchouk  |  Connie Conboy  |  Justin Craig


  Superconducting Nanofibers
  Resistivity / Conductivity Testing


     EJ Bevenour  |  Nicholas Pleim


  Process Design & Development: Melt-Spinning
  Fiber Collection Methodologies
  Tensile Testing


     Jacob Boyce  |  Jack Pedicone  |  Chris Sibel


  Electrically Conductive Nanofibers
  Process Design & Development: Wet-Spinning


     Joe DiFeo  |  Alex Noce  |  Connor Sloan


  Solar Regeneration
  Energy Harvesting & Storage


     Brandon Berlin  |  Rahul Pendurthi  |  Alex Pham


  Thermal Interface Materials (NanoTIMs)


      Student members of the NPHS EPICS club
Below are a few videos from the 2013-2014 school year research endeavors.  The video to the left is the final presentation offered by the students on June 4, 2014. 

2014 Philly Materials Day Images


Electrochromic Glass

Photochromic Nanofibers Microparticle Encapsulation Electrochromic Film

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Drexel University FEI XL30
Hitachi TM3000

Scanning Electron Microscopy

Highslide JSHighslide JSHighslide JSHighslide JSHighslide JS

Click here to visit a sampling of SEM Images from past student research teams

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